The possibility to configure the G2 modem via a master module using USB/Ethernet

Huddig Daniel 9 years ago in IQANrun updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 8 years ago 2
It is only possible via CAN-connection today and all of our service dealers are using USB.
Since Ethernet probably will be the preferred conection in the future, configuring the modem via the master would be a good solution going forward aswell.
Thanks Daniel. This is planned for IQANrun 4, but probably won't make it to 4.00. Hopefully in 4.01 or so :-)

This was reviewed yesterday by our change control board. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but this feature was declined. The reason being that the new IQAN-G3 will not need configuration (if the internal SIM card is used).