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I am working with IQANdesign5.04  and IQANdesign6.00. I have a new computer with the hardware of

Intel Core i7-8565U CPU 1.80 GHz  RAM 32GB 64Bit System Windows 10. The latest Hardware and Software update are done 

and IQAN is very slow on large application file (27.323KB).  

It take 1 Minute and 18 Seconds to open parallel to IQANdesign also the Simulator and during this boot up time the CPU is used  by only 27% and Memory only 27% and graphicCPU by 6% during this boot up time . 

Image 1712


The computer is for 1-2 Minutes out of order by copying a state machine with 60stages. Afterwards it takes almost 5-15 second for any change inside the stage machine. I can only work on the IQAN application software without losing my patient by safing and open the software again. Only then the software is fast again. Here the CPU is only between 12-18%; memory by 14-21%. What can I do that IQAN uses the full potential of the available hardware?


Andy Pauly

As you say it is extra slow after copying this large state machine, and you get around it by closing and re-opening, you could try reducing number of Undo levels. 

See tools->options->other

Hello Gustav

I changed already the Undo level to 15 without a change. Should I even lower it to 5?


Andy Pauly

.... but I would be nice that IQAN use the full potential of the Hardware.




I changed the undo to 5.

It takes still 1min8sec to safe the application file in IQANdesign. 3Min18sec to start simultaneously IQAN simulate. 

It takes almost 5Min to start therefore the simulation. Even my Processor is just Idling 19-23%. Memory is 20%. 

To open a Excel in the same size 25MByte is taking only 8Sec. Very frustrating when your Marco-Excel-Tool: "IQANsimulate control " is also not working. I do not know how many hours I spend yesterday looking on an egg timer.

Any chance to improve the speed.  



With the reduced number of undo-levels: 

is it still as slow after you performed this number of operations as it was on the first operation you perform after copying the large state machine? 

The file size of an MD4 .idax file is mainly due to the size of the MD4 firmware, this doesn't influence the speed of IQANdesign as it is only the application(s) that are being edited.  

It could be more interesting to look at the project statistics to get an overview of the size of the project file. If you chose to post it here, you might want to collapse some parts before print-screening if you think it gives too much hints about the project you are working on. 


I used state machines and load tables for an automated loop test in the IQANsimulator: I put this state machines/load tables for simulator in a external file. But External file made it worse. I had also very often error codes after waiting 5Minutes to launch a Simulation.

NowI have finished one application file and have to copy over the changes to an older application file. Just changing a name of a channel takes 25sec now. 



Wow, more than 97 000 components in a project file! 

I've seen project files with up to around 30 000 components, and I thought that was large. 

A related question to the info on the statistics, does your applications from this project file run on target? The "Error inititializing embsup.dll" could indicate that there is an error. 

But even with a huge project file like this, the time it takes shouldn't have to be this high. The various checks that IQANdesign performs while you edit the application (for example checking for duplicate names) could be areas where we need to look at performance optimizations. 

I don't mean to hijack, but we have two version of the same project where one takes 30 seconds to save and the other is instant save. It sounds similar to this problem.

Thanks, this is interesting. With both versions having around 4000 components, there clearly there must be something quite specific in one of the versions that takes a long time for IQANdesign to check. 

I should also mention, we do have some IQANdesign and IQANsimulate performance improvements already implemented that will come in the  5.05 and 6.01 releases. 

There are some performance improvements in 5.05 (soon to come in 6.01 also). 

Not sure how much of a difference it will make for this specific application 

Hi Gustav,

Any improvements during these years? I also suffer long delays when the project is opening and the simulation starts.

Our IT guy tried his best to improve the situation but failed.

Image 3809

It will be interesting to hear what performance improvements the IQAN team has made.

Meanwhile when working on such huge projects I try to find a CPU with high single core rating, for example I5-13600K is about twice as fast as I7-8565U.

(When CPU is using 25% it means one of the four cores are running at full load)


File open is improved in 7.00 (soon to be released).