Qcode Component search

Andy Pauly 5 years ago in IQANdesign 0


I find very often that the right Component is not found in Qcode text search.  

For example: locking for the 1st. Act ..  channel

1    ->

Image 1713

1s   ->

Image 1714

No component is found starting with a 1s...

Even the channel exists:

Image 1715

This happen quite often with a combination of 1st..  2nd.., 3rd...,  4th..., CDD#3..   etc.  

It is very hard to find the right channel without the text-limitation-search feature. 

I hope that you can fix this issue otherwise I have to understand the rules behind the text-find-system so that I can use the right channels text to avoid this problem.


Andy Pauly