Size of MD4 project file

AxelC 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated 9 years ago 5
The project file of MD4 is 22mB even with no software inside.
Is there a way to reduce it?

Because we use a source control system for ours software and it become huge quickly because of the size of this project.

It would be great to be able to split the project files in differents files, making more easy to use source control system. But it would be complicate because of the Get Project capability.
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Hi,you can use the function Export Stripped Project File.... This excludes the firmware from the file and thus makes it much smaller.

Export function is not really what i need.
Thanks anyway
I'll try to elaborate on Arno's answer, and also give you some information on future improvements regarding this.

We strip some project files when stored in our version control system. Stripped project files have a different file extension, ids3, and can be used exactly as normal project files in IQANdesign. The downside is that they can not be sent to a system using IQANrun, since IQANrun does not have the correct firmware that goes with the project file. To convert them back to ida3 files, simply open in IQANdesign and save.

To create a stripped project file it is currently required to open the project file in IQANdesign and then export it, as Arno explained. In IQANdesign 4 this will be changed so that ids3 files are handled just as ida3 files in IQANdesign, i.e. if you open an ids3 file and later save it, it will not be converted to ida3 as today. Instead it will still be a stripped project file, ids3. To convert it, you would then instead need to do a Save As.

There are also some ideas on allowing IQANrun to handle stripped project files. There are several difficulties connected to this though, so it may or may not happen.
Thanks a lot for this explanation.
I will then wait IQAN4 to work like this, because right now it will confuse my team.

Thanks for all the quick improvment you are doing on your software.