Reading SPN Numbers out of DM1 !Numbers!

Andy Pauly 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated 5 years ago 0


I saw that there are a lot of forum Topics already in the past about the DM1. I cannot find one proper solution out of the topics already discussed in the past.

I need in 10x [MIC] all first ten active SPN Error numbers and FMI numbers.!!! NUMBERS!!! (FMI is the easy bit)

I have more than >600SPNs.

I do not like to waist my time by Programming

   If SPN-110 <> -1 then

   Result:= 110

   elseif SPN-629<>-1 then 


   elseif SPN-109 <> -1 then

  Result:= 109


and this 600x times or waist my time with >600x State machines  or busting the memory limits of Arrays!

Do I have to build my own DM1? Does anybody did this before?