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Were hoping if there are any iqan to parker PIO-337 project or examples in existence? Currently learning all i can about CAN-Open and luckily found examples that have helped us get parker UTS 3 axis sensors running. But i have not been able to get the PIO-337 working as of yet. 
I have configured it like this.
Parker PIO-337 , 250kbps, Node ID=2 (CAN-Open module) > Parker PIO-602(PSU) > Parker PIO-550 (2x A I/O) > PIO-600 (End).
Currently trying to get it to work with an MD3 by modifying the old Moduflex code i got years back. But really want to get it working with a hand full of MC41's. 
This is still partially an attempt to control parker P31 proportional valves and hydraulic parker 0-10v LDVT valves as well as D1FW variants. 

We understand this is industrial vs mobile but see no reason why it should not work?


A college at Parker in the Netherlands made this application for PIO-337 in IQANdesign 3 a couple of years ago: 

Parker PIO-337 CANopen to IQAN intererface.ids3

Thank you so much. Looks like i was getting as little suck on the identifiers, trying to decipher the eds file and manual pdf. This helps massively. 

I coverted to IQANdesign 5 a while ago whith some changes.

The projectfile was supposed to be included but the size was to big 25MB.
I don't know how to shrink it.
The project isn't that big so i can't understand the filesize.
Maybe the MD4 firmware is included in the file.
Can it be stripped?


Yes, you can significantly reduce the file size by using save as stripped project file, the .idsx file format. 


I looked for that under export but couldn't find it.
Now i found it under Save instead.
Here is the file. It's exported from a larger project.