J1939 Address Claimed message receiving?

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I try to get a AddressClaimed response from the J1939 device, but so far unsuccessfully. I form a request for PGN 60928. I see the corresponding request on the bus, as well as the AddressClaimed response of the device. However, in the application, the JFIN channel remains in a 'False' state, and I do not receive any data. Am I missing something?

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Thank you very much for your attention to this case!

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IQANdesign, MD4-5.

In version 5.02, case 4121 introduced support for J1939 address claim.

The built-in function now handles the J1939 so that your IQAN master won't send out anything on the J1939 bus if another module claims its address. 

This built-in function takes priority over the application, so the messages with PGN 60628 won't reach the application.

As you must already know the SA of the module you assign the JFIN to, do you plan on using this for some other purpose than ensuring there is no address conflict?


I planned to use this to check the presence of a remote control receiver (Tele Radio), which does not make itself felt if a transmitter is not connected to it (except address claimed messages). I assumed the behavior you described, so I'm looking for another way to control it. Thank you.

Thanks. Perhaps you could request something else from the unit, like the SOFT PGN if this is supported.

Unfortunately, this unit does not respond to software identification request or a component identification request. Perhaps this is an occasion for communication with the manufacturer of the unit.


IQANdesign 6.02 has an update that makes it possible to read PGN 60628 on the application layer again. 

In the release notes the change is described as a feature that makes routing of request address claim possible (a quite special use-case). The same change makes it possible to read request for address claim and address claimed as JFIN on the application layer.  The function works in parallel with the built-in support for J1939 address claim.