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Caola, Robert 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated by mgoutier 5 years ago 2

Are there any plans for the future to have the ability to edit programs while online with the master module? This way you do have to go offline make the change, connect back to the PLC, and download the program again.

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For the safety certification of IQAN master modules, IQANdesign is classified as an IEC 61508 software off-line support tool class T3.

I have seen on-line editing of application logic demonstrated in other development tools, but in my opinion that is a very sketchy feature that can only add unnecessary risk.

I agree this would be extremely useful... Most other software developers do indeed accomplish this while still maintaining their safety classifications by running the logic that you are changing in the background until the changes are done, then compiling the changes on command. Just my 2 cents as constantly downloading changes and having to shut down an engine can be a large nuisance.