IQANdesign 5.05 released

Gustav Widén (System support) 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated 5 years ago 1

Version 5.05 of IQANdesign, IQANrun, IQANsimulate and IQANscript is now available:


New features

Keypad style adjust for parameters

In the menu system, you can tap on the value of the adjust item to bring up a keypad-style adjustment:

Image 1789

CAN routing on MC4xFS

The CAN routing feature is now available also on MC4xFS. 

Image 1790

The above features will soon come in the 6.01 release also.

Version 5.05 also include some of the features already introduced in 6.00:

Add Blinking Lamp status to J1939 DM1 decoding

When enabled, the lamp status MDGN:s will blink according to DM1.

IQAN-SV properties for flip/mirror/bitrate/HDR moved to video control.

This means that individual video controls can have different settings.

Support external esc key in PDF reader

Implement full circle mode on gauge

For details, see release notes: