Slow transitioning state change on FSM

C. Harp 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated 5 years ago 4

I have discovered an issue on one of my systems. I am wanting to get feedback on maybe explanation for what is causing this. To my understanding, the FSM's should be a immediate transition from one state to another when the logic conditions have been met. I am experiencing state switching as long as 2500 milliseconds. I would expect a quick transition (<500 milliseconds). I am not sure why this is going on and curious if this has been experienced by anyone else.

Note: Running Design 5 on an MC42.

I always program logic, based on a flank.

This can be a pos or neg flank

With this implementation, the fsm state switches the same iqan cycle

My issue is not getting the logic inside the FSM to activate. My problem is after the FSM switching conditions is made, the FSM state change from )example 3-4) is very slow sometimes. 

Please activate "missed samples" under the option tab in iqan run and repeat your measurement.

Then you can see if it is caused by missed samples

I will give that a try.