Repeat CAN Message on another Channel

Rohan 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated by mgoutier 5 years ago 5

Is there a way to receive a Generic CAN Message on one bus and transmit the same on another bus?
Trying to implement a gateway controller using MD3 here.


This is fairly straight forward I think unless im missing something. Use a JFIN to a POUT to a GFOUT. See attached program for raw example.example

Hello Rohan.

There is one thing missing in the example.

As it is you will only be sending out a 1 or a 0 from the input, an indicator of that a message ha been received.

Every time you receive a message i will be a 1 independent on what the actual message contains.

You will need to have parameter in from the input and have the parameter out looking at those instead.

Otherwise you will not get the data to be sent.

can transfer.ida

Another option for passing messages between CAN buses is to use an MC4x controller. 

On the MC4x -series, there is a dedicated feature that lets you set up filters for passing CAN traffic between buses. The CAN routing rules eliminates the need to set up individual channels for every CAN frame you want to repeat on the other bus, and is also more efficient with no impact on application cycle utilization. 

If it is a new system design that will go into serial production, it is also a good idea to use a modern product instead of the MD3. 



Nice little addition... This will save time in the future as we transition to the MC4x.