G11 Request rejected by remote user - HELP

Paul Dillon 5 years ago in IQANrun updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 5 years ago 1

I have been using G11 for a number of years and not had a problem, however, I've now had the same issue twice on two different machines this week.  I get the operator to give me the IQAN connect key and connect to the machine,  I get the normal message stating the machine is connected but then immediately it pops up 'you have been disconnected, request rejected by remote user'.  I have never connected to either machine remotley before but theres nothing different in their programs to normal. It has happen once this week with a machine in Ireland and just now with a machine in Shetland Isles. Is it something to do with the locations? G11 is enabled in both programs.  Any Ideas what could be the issue?  I wondered if it was a bug in IQANrun 6 but I've just successfully connected to a machine in London.

One thing that would cause a "request rejected"  could be the settings for accepting remote connections: 

Possible causes depend on how the system looks like

If you for example have an MC4x and no MD4, the setting cannot be "Ask user", as there is no display. 

If you use a channel instead, e.g. an IDC to say that the park-brake is engaged, there could be something with this signal.