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MC42 random shutdown

C. Harp 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 4 years ago 9

I have a system with 1x MC42 and 1x XA2 module. I am getting what i believe are random shut downs and has to be manually power cycled. The unit doesn't throw any error light codes that I have seen and there are not issues on the logs when i pull them. I went ahead and measured my cycle utilization and memory utilization. The cycle utilization is running consistently at 45% and the memory at 27%. I have checked for small things such as lose wiring etc.  

Has anyone encountered a similar issue? 

PS this is the second module to do this. We have replaced the module after thinking it was possibly something with the hardware. 

Just had another fault and it appears to showing a "Stopped, critical" (4:1) error followed by a pause and then seemingly endless quick yellow flashes. Has anyone experienced this?

Hello Harp.

Did you record or write down the yellow flashes?

They tell us more exactly what has gone wrong.

Do you have anything else connected the the system?

Like and engine, transmission, CAN sensor or such?

I have video showing the faults. It shows 4 red:1 yellow then a pause followed buy a large number (20 ish) yellow flashes. Then it restarts into the 4 red, 1 yellow....

I do have a non-IQAN HMI and engine connected on bus A, XA2 expansion on bus B, and 4 UTC angle sensors and a CANbus wireless radio receiver on C bus. 

This machine has been running for over a year in the field without error before this. The critical error first came around about 2 months ago. The problem has become progressively worse in the last 2 weeks and we have determined the MC42 is the problem after assuming other things were causing problems with dropouts. We replaced the module and are seeing the same failure rate on the new one. This MC42 also failed without functioning any of the component (inputs or outputs) and simply sitting with power on for 40 min. 

Is it possible for you to file drop the video to us? Using https://iqan.sharefile.com/share/filedrop 

With the blink code pattern 4 red 1 yellow, there are 4 more groups of yellow blinks should follow before repeating.

What software version is the MC42 running?


I will be glad to. I will send it soon. 

The software version has been updated about 3 times at but has continued to fail with each. Currently the design version is and the MC4X firmware is 

Thanks. I read the blink code as 4:1:45:2:1:5 

The error code indicates a fault detected by the microctroller, but unfortunately this particular code doesn't pinpoint exactly what it was that failed.  

My gut feeling tells me the error is related to incoming CAN traffic, but I can't be sure. 

As the next step in troubleshooting, I'd suggest disconnecting the CAN buses one by one and see if it still gives the error. 

I wonder if something was modified on the machine before the errors started to occur? Maybe a software update on the IQAN module or one of the 3rd party modules. 

Thank you for checking. 

Update as of last night: I put in a new MC42 and it threw the same codes within 5 minute and shut down. I then had all  3 buses disconnected to isolate from any other CAN device. Cycled power and it failed again in a short amount of time. Also. No inputs or outputs activated during these tests.

Not reproducible

Haven't been able to reproduce this one. 

In the discussion with the regional IQAN support involved in this case, it was suggested that the physical installation of the CAN bus could have been a contributing factor, possibly over-termination.