Is it possible to migrate from iqan design/run 2 to Iqan design/run 5 or 6

Jacob Mathai 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated 5 years ago 14

Hi Jacob, yes, this is possible.  You will need to save the file first in IQANdesign 3 and then open that file in IQANdesign 5.  When you try to open a previous version you will need to use the dropdown box above the "Open" button to select a previous file version type.  Note, there may be a few things to "clean up" as the file is updated due to improvements to the software.

Im talking about the .irc (Clone) file. Can I convert an .irc file( iqan design 2) to .irc3(iqan design 3)?

Hi Jacob, I don't believe there is a way to update a clone file from one version to another.  The reason is that a clone file is copy of a file as is, in a master module or system of masters.  If it is updated, by definition, then it would no longer be a clone, but an updated file.  You can however open a clone file in IQANdesign and choose to import the settings from the clone file instead of using the default settings.  This would not be complete clone file, but it could then be updated as an IQANdesign file to a later version.

Thanks a lot Kerry. Iam new to iqan world. My background is plc programming. So if I import a clone file into Iqan design will I loose any data or settings? 

when I tried to import it said: the following will not be imported 1) data log. 2) machine users 3) machine id. Is there anything else I need to worry about. And is the machine id set once I download the file to the machine?

Those are the two main things.  Other than the settings, anything unique to the clone file for a particular IQAN system will not be imported.  The machine ID is unique to a system/machine and the logs would be also.

Is the machine id and machine users set during creating a clone file? Or is it done in iqan design itself? 

Hi Kerry. Is it possible to change the controller from MDL2 to MD4  after migration from iqan 2 to iqan 5 without re writing the whole logic?

It is possible to move the logic. You will need to create the display pages for the MD4. To move the logic, add the MD4 and copy the logic from the MDL2 and paste it in the application logic for the MD4. If there are expansion modules and other types of buses you will need to move the bus connections to the MD4. 

Hi Kerry, after copying the application logic, I got a few components unassigned error. Do I have to manually assign these components?

yes, I am guessing the components were located on the MDL2, so the will need assigning to a module. 

Hi Kerry, could you please elaborate on moving the bus connections to MD4 after copying the logic from MD4? I tried to do this and then deleted the old MDL2 a popup came up saying all settings and images related to MDL2 will be deleted. And all components(I/Os) associated with the expansion modules and J1939 modules where deleted. Could you please tell me how to avoid this? 

Jacob, you will click on the line that connects the bus from the module to the MDL2 and drag the end connected to the MDL2 over to a bus on the MD4. Before deleting the MDL2 move the channels in the MDL2 application logic to the MD4 application logic.  Once that is done, then you can delete the MDL2 and everything should remain.  If you have any I/O channels that were located on the MDL2 you will need to assign those to either the MD4 or an appropriate module that has that particular type of I/O.