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DBC enumerators (value tables) import request

Frederick Prigge 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated 3 years ago 3

Hi, often DBC files contain enumerators for certain signal values (states, errors, etc). These value tables are stored within the DBC file. Currently, we must manually type in all possible values in a state parameter and link as an input the GPIN associated. This is super time consuming and error prone! Please add a parser that generates a state parameter based on the value tables of DBC files, either at import or as a separate script or tool. The other ways around would be to have the state values accessible in a 2D table, like the LUTs, so that at least we can batch copy-paste from the DBCs or datasheets. Thanks


I think this circles back to the need for more complete DBC support. If creating a DBC is a necessary step to creating a  generic CAN module in IQANdesign, its frustrating to go through that exercise only to have some parts used (e.g. bit offsets, bit widths, endianess, signal names,paging/multiplexing) but have other parts  ignored (e.g. enumerations, scale, offset, min, max, etc.)

Under review

Agree that this is very similar to the ideas about scaling from DBC for non-J1939 parameters

Just to be clear, all my recent comments are not about the fact that the DBC import feature is bad. On the contrary, it is a fantastic step forward, I use it all the time! That is why I would like to see these improvements!