Problem measuring on CAN

Florent Mirieu de Labarre 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 4 years ago 15

Impossible to start measure by CAN

On multi master MC42 + MD3 or MC2 + MD3, on my project it is impossible to start measure (F7) by Canbus, but it works over G11. There is an error.

My system :

Image 1867

What error message do you see in IQANdesign/IQANrun when trying to measure via CAN? 

What does it say in the lower right corner of IQANdesign/IQANrun? 

If you measure the CAN utilization using IQANanalyze, how high is it before you try to measure? 


I have also had this problem - could not start a measure by CAN, although I could get / send the project via CAN without a problem.

The system is an MD3, XA2 and MC43.

The message I get is the same as Florent.

Under review

Thanks. Is this the only error message you get? 

Opening session
Failed to open a new communication session

Or is there also another dialog before or after the one that says failed to open a new communication session ?

What version of IQANdesign? 


But I have this error from long time ago (1 year)

the orther message (after the first one)

Gustave do you want the project to test ?

Thank you Florent, if you can send the project and password that would help a lot

You can send it using this link:  https://iqan.sharefile.com/share/filedrop

Yes, continuing in separate support case. 

I am having a similar problem.   My customer had an MC2 and wanted to add an MD3 and G11.   I am able to load the program to both modules over CAN, and measure the MD3.   However, when I click on the MC2 I get the "Measure Terminated" error.


It sounds as if it could be the same issue. Thanks to the information Florent provided, we managed to find a problem that can occur when measuring on CAN in multi-master systems. It is timing dependent and only happens in some applications. 

There will be a fix in 5.07 and 6.02


Do you know when 5.07 will be released?

Now that 6.02 is out, I think it will take another week or two to release 5.07 with this fix for the issue with measuring via CAN in multi-master systems. 


Solved also in version 5.07, released today. 

See release notes case 49820, could happen when switching between applications in IQANdesign while measuring.