More than 2 decimal places for view and adjust

Glenn 4 years ago in IQANrun updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 4 years ago 5

Is there a way to change how IQAN is limited to 2 decimal places for Adjust values?  The issue occurs on IQANrun and when entering via MD4's.  I use base units like kg, m, and m/s for all calculations.  However, when I want to create an adjust item for limits, calibrations, etc.., I find many times I don't have enough precision.  I end up having to create an adjust parameter of 3.5mm instead of 0.0035m.  I have to convert mm->m in many places and this is wasted computation time. 


No, the smallest step size you can set on an adjust item is 0.01. 

But what you could do to reduce unnecessary calculation time is to put the FP together with the math channel in an Initialization function group. 

That way, the calculation on both channels is only done once at startup. 

The drawback is that every time you change the FP, you must restart the system for the effect to take place. 

Thank you, the Initialization function group is an option that may work for some items.  One question though, is there a fundamental reason the program is limited to 0.01 resolution?  Is it for simplification in graphic display and entering values for user?  If not, could this be a change in a future version of IQAN?

Yes, the reason for the step size 0.01 is to simplify the user interface both when entering values and when viewing them. There is a related question here about viewing the values in IQANdesign. 

The FP channel is of value type 32-bit floating point value that can give 7 significant digits. 

I can edit the topic and change the question to a feature request if you want?

Yes, I think this would be a good feature request, since a floating pt is used this way, by very nature.  However, I understand that the UI needs to support the proper viewing and data entry for simplicity.

Changed from question to idea, changed title from "Is there a way to change how IQAN is limited to 2 decimal places for Adjust values? "  to 

"More than 2 decimal places for view and adjust"