Select multiple channels in IQANrun

DavidH 9 years ago in IQANrun updated 7 years ago 10
Is there be a way to select multiple measure items while viewing measure group data in IQANrun using left mouse and shift or ctrl keys? When I want to isolate just a few items, or turn all on or off, I have to pick each one at a time.
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This is the area I'm referring to where I would like to select multiple items:

As you've noticed, this is not possible. There are plans to add a "check/uncheck all" feature in IQANrun 4. I can see a possible problem with selecting multiple items in the list, as the selected item is highlighted in the graph today, and also used for the statistics section on the right side. I've added your request though.
Any estimate date for IQANrun 4 release?
Thank you Ulrik! Even if it was simply check/uncheck all, that would make it much easier to isolate measure items.

Having a check/uncheck all feature would be very useful. Also the ability to record multiple measure groups at one time would be very helpful. Also being able to record while changing adjust groups would make testing much easier.


Select/deselect all now available in IQANrun 5.00, via right click in measure item list.

Thank you for the update. I was actually looking for a way to check/uncheck all. I found the select/deselect all, but still seems I can only check/uncheck one item at a time.

The naming of "Select/deselect all" might be a bit wrong. What it does is to check/uncheck all measure items.

I see now it works in IQANrun 5. When I commented above, I had been trying to do this in IQANdesign 5, and I forgot this request was for IQANrun.