Danfoss PVED

Richard Staite 4 years ago in IQANdesign updated by mdonaldson 4 years ago 3

Does anyone have any experience of using Iqan with Danfoss PVED equipped valves. This is supposed to be J1939 protocol but the technical information they provide is more along the lines of CANOpen information and I am struggling to get my head around it - If anyone has a typical application file it would really help?


Here is the JPIN/JPOUT to control/read from the valve. Your SA and PGN's might be different based on how they configured the valve

Many thanks for that, am i correct in assuming that the JPIN Channels for Flow and Extend are just feedback channels from the vale? And what does the mode channel do?

Yes the JPIN is for feedback (I don't think all the valves provide it). The mode changes the state of the valve (see below). So for normal use you would use 1 or 2 and then send the command value (0-100%)

0 = Blocked , 1 = Extend (Port B) , 2 = Retract (Port A) , 3 = Floating , 10 = Hand Operation , 14 = Estop