DM1 Outgoing

Nick Pridham 10 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 6 years ago 6
I have two applications that could use DM1OUT

For one application I need to recycle engine DM1 because the interface device does not have another CAN port to listen to. In this application I do not want to add proprietary J1939 to the engine and transmission bus.

For the other application I have a lot of safety flags that could use DM1 and FMI. The current work around is to package them up into a single CAN frame as simultaneous 2 bit values. (32 errors per PGN)
Under review
This feature request exists in our idea database, but is currently on hold, waiting for more customer requests. I've added your input. Lets hope this topic gets voted up, so we can get it implemented :-)
What you can do quite easaly today is to send PGN 65226 (DM1) as a normal JFOUT, as a single CAN frame. Then you can send out a correct DM1 for the situations when there is one active fault.
I use that a lot during trainings, to demonstrate DM1 reading with another IQAN module.

The feature that Ulrik is refering to would be to also be able to send DM1 with more than one active fault, over multiple CAN frames.
Gustav, yes I have done this too however the requirement to recycle DM1 means multiple active faults need to be handled.
I too would like to see the DM1 outgoing implemented. In particular I think it would be beneficial if the I/O of the IQAN system could report error conditions as Fault Codes on the J1939 BUS. For instance but not limited to, High and Low errors for Voltage inputs as well as Overload Open Load conditions for the outputs. This would be useful for diagnostics in systems that do not have an IQAN Master display module but would still have a J1939 display. An ideal implementation would be to have a combo box in the IQAN channel that would select which CAN BUS the fault would be transmitted on, or None as a default. Also, unless a generic list of SPNs were created it would be nice to have the ability to assign the SPN for each channel as well. Depending on how many faults were active the single or multipacket messaging would be handled in the background.

If this is not possible, a generic DM1 outgoing channel capable of sending multiple faults simultaneously would be workable.


DM1 out added in IQANdesign 5.02, see news topic here.