Import izbx log file from IQANAnalyze into IQANRun to see graph

jbowis 5 years ago in IQANanalyze 0

I was using IQANAnalyze to trace the J1939 communication between my MD3 and a pump that it was controlling. I recorded the data for 5 minutes, then stopped the recording, and saved the .izbx log file.

Eventually, I was asked to get a graph of the flow coming out of the pump over that period, to help diagnose an issue we were having. The flow is transmitted on 2 bytes of one of the CAN messages. I was able to, pretty quickly, export the log file as a text file, then import that into excel, sort the data by PGN, select the PGN that had my information, add the pertinent bytes together to get the actual reading, and graph the result against time. The whole process took me a bit of time and googling, but I got the graph I needed.

However, I believe it would be more convenient if part of the IQAN suite that already has graphing capability could import the log file created by IQANAnalyze, and the user could select a parameter to graph based on PGN, length, and offset. Or, if the graphing capability could be pulled into IQANAnalyze itself, along with a modest ability to produce trendlines of averages, modeled on that of Excel.

I think this could be done with minimal programming investment, and would make logging information much more legible.