IQANdesign 3.14.18 released

Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 10 years ago in IQANdesign 0

Changes and new features

22588 Send J1939 identification frames
A master will now respond to broadcast request for PGN 65242 and 65259 on a J1939 bus.
  • Software Identification (65242) will contain 5 strings: Project name, version, id, checksum and vmAC version 
  • Component Identification (65259) will map the following strings: Make = empty, Model = module type (e.g IQAN-MC2), Serial number = module serial number, Unit number = module address 

Bug fixes

22547 Crash at startup on Windows XP

22555 Master crashes upon DM1 reception if no DM1 is defined

22574 MD4 stops working if external J1939 unit claims address 128

22796 Remove "No contact" alarm for APPIN time-out
Before, a single lost APPOUT would trigger a warning message and log event saying 'No contact', even if all other APPOUTs from that module was received. The 'No contact' popup and log event has been removed. No change to the APPIN timeout and action.