errror reloading file when I use 2500mA

DTD_SIOS 4 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 4 years ago 2

If I make a Current out whit max. the value to 2500, if I save it and leave it again I get the error message

Then I have to put the current out on the 2nd, and then it is good again, but after reloading I get the error message again

Under review

Put the COUT in an adjust group. This creates an Adjust item where you can edit the limits, and set the max to 2500 mA 

There seems to be a small issue with the project check, if you do not have any adjust item, it looks as if the project check use the value 2000 mA as the check limit for max current, rather than 2500 mA that the MC4x and XC4x can have. 

2000 mA used to be the limit with the older modules XA2, MC2 and MC3. 


6.02 fix:

Project check limit is 2000 mA on MC4x COUT that isn't adjustable
Changed limit to 2500 mA.