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External display function groups

Pawel Pekala 4 years ago in IQANdesign updated by lbartik 8 months ago 4

Most of our programs utilize same display pages. As we utilize more external function groups I was wondering is there is a possibility of heaving external display function groups. 

Under review

You mean having display pages in separate files for re-use in multiple project files? 

Similar to the way external functions can be used for application logic today. 

That is a good idea to consider for future versions. 

This would be very valuable for us as well. Our display pages gave become very customized and requires significant time to duplicate.


This feature is already working in the Solutions library.  When I dropped the solution called "Date to Year-Month-Day" into an existing project, a new display page with pre-linked values and VDINs was created.

Interestingly, these solutions must all be pre-compiled for MD4-7 displays.  Other displays will not generate any visuals, application logic only.  Still, it gives me hope that one day, we will be able to move display pages and application logic between modules and projects without having to re-link all the variables/channels.

If you've ever had to port display pages from an MD4-7 to MD4-10 or even to a different MD4-7 project, you know that is not a simple drag and drop, right-click, or export-import process, but tedious manual re-work.