Import measure file into simulate

Chris Litwin 4 years ago in IQANsimulate updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 4 years ago 2

I've been looking through the IQANSimulate documentation, but it's not clear to me on how to correctly setup and use a saved measure file to rerun in simulator. I have one group of measure files that will rerun in simulator, but some I took after do not work. What I'm trying to do is save a measure file, make changes to the project in design, load the measure and updated project in simulate, and then take a new measure in IQANRun or IQANDesign from it. Are there specific things I need to do in order to make this work every time? 

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I think I solved my own problem. I need to have the raw inputs in the measure file, then it creates the simulation items when I load the measure file.


Yes, when you import a measure file to a simulation group, it is only input channels (e.g. VIN, DIN, JPIN and so on) that will create a simulation items. 

For anyone not familiar with this feature: 

To import an IQANrun measure file, click on a simulation group and select Import Measure File from the file menu.