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Why is it not possible to use an integer channel for the property low and high speed in the TSC1 channel. The arrow down is displayed next to the input field and the help text say that the possible  value types are constant channel. Or should I use an other channel?

I have programmed several enine types in the software which have different high and low  engine speeds.

I now use Iqan design 6 but also in 5.  In Iqan design 4 only a integer number was possible. Because of the change of the help text, I suppose that you are mented to change the functionality.

Can you change this for design 5 and 6?

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A "constant channel" is feature that was introduced in version 5, a channel that is only calculated on startup. 

To make a channel constant, add the Initialization function group on the top level in the application, and place the channels there. That makes it a constant channel. To access it anywhere in the application, set the channel scope to public. 

Set the scope to public.

Now you can connect the constant channel to properties:


Could you please explain how setting the constant channel in an adjust group would behave? For Laura's example, can I change the max and min engine speed in the adjust group and then cycle power to update the TSC1 channel?

Yes, you change it just like any other parameter through an adjust group. 

The change will take effect after the next restart. 

If you look at the channel in IQANdesign after you adjusted it, but before the system has been restarted, you will see it has the old value, but shows a yellow Warning status to indicate that it still has its old value. 

Thank you.

I don't want to adjust the engine speed limits by a engineer. The engineer has to pick the machine type and pick the possibility if there is an ad blue tank installed. When these two parameters are set, the engine type wil follow. But the initialization group doesn't support internal digital or state machines. It is also not possible to use a function group input. But I can understand that.

I have a solution, so I am happy

Kind regards Laura

I think there are two good ways to get more control over the parameters.

One would be to use IQANscript in the production and have a dropdown menu for the model, and use script set parameter action as the way to set the value accordingly. 

Another method is to put this in the application, with a state parameter in the Initialization group. The state parameter would be made adjustable, while the individual parameters controlled by it are instead fixed. Like this: