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Hi. All.

New to Iqan, so please bear with me. I am trying to pass Boolean values between an MD3 and Mc2. I am basically wanting to trigger an IDC on the MC2 from a VIDC on the MD3. Can anybody suggest the best way please? I have been trying to do this using the j1939 database with Jfin & Jfout using an auxiliary generic message, but I get an assignment error and I'm not convinced I'm going about it the right way. I have no need for this message to be in j1939 format, I just want to pass Boolean values between between the two modules at this stage. Any help much appreciated, thanks in anticipation James.


Your on the right path. I'm not sure on the error message but the biggest problem I had was not knowing I needed another j1939 module so the controllers could communicate to each other over CAN. I was trying to drop the JFIN's and JFOUT's on the master modules themselves. 

Below the top blue line is the controller module in the system layout (Add Module -> Master and module displays -> MC41)

The bottom blue line is the j1939 module (Add Module -> j1939 and generic CAN -> j1939 module)

Then you would drag your JFOUT onto your MD3 j1939 module. Drag your JFIN onto your Mc2 j1939 module.

Also you can turn off J1939 error checking on the JPIN so you can use every single bit for yourself in a message

Thanks, sounds like that is where I am going wrong. I have been trying to put the jfins & outs on the modules and I haven't got a j1939 module. I assumed you only needed this if you were talking to s separate j1939 module such as an engine ecu. Will take I look tomorrow now, my brain is fried tonight. Thanks for the advice.

Hi James,

Also:  If you double click on the J1939 module in "System Layout" then you get a nice summary view of  the inter-master communications.