IQANdesign 6.02 released

Gustav Widén (System support) 4 years ago in IQANdesign updated 4 years ago 2

Features in IQANdesign 6.02

Propagate function group output

For application with function groups within function groups, it is now possible to propagate function group outputs to a higher level. This eliminates the need to add in-between math channels.

Image 1966

Optimized RAM memory usage

Compared to version 6.01, an average IQAN-MC43 application use about 5 to 10% less RAM. 

Hint: Look at project statistics, or measure System information channel Memory utilization when the application is running on the MC4x master.

New Qcode keyword ”This”

Sometimes a calculation channel needs to refer to its own value from the previous cycle. Previously, this was done using the channel name, now the keyword This can be used.


//Blink, use IDC delay-on and delay-off to set the duration
Result := not(This)

GT diagnostics

Added module diagnostic channels for GT module, and information on module info page on MD4/IQANrun.

Image 1967

The module diagnostic information depend on the software in the module implementing the GT interface. 

Also see information on Paker Mobile IoT gateways.

Export DBC

It is now possible to export CAN channels to DBC format. 

(A function for importing .DBC files has existed since 5.02)

Image 1968

To export, select one or more GFIN/GFOUT/JFIN/JFOUT channels, or a complete Generic/JJ1939 module.

Also see release notes:




Any possibility the function group output propagation could be implemented as public scope in the future?