low Vin error not showing back up after power cycle

C. Harp 4 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 4 years ago 4

I have an issue on a project where a vin error fails to show up after clearing the error and cycling power on the module. Currently the error will fault and show 0 mV on the input as is should, but after acknowledging the message I expect the error message will come back up after i power cycle the module. It fails to show the error again even thought the sensor is still disconnected during the power cycle. 

The only way I can make the error reappear is to reconnect the sensor and then disconnect it. 

Does anyone have ideas on what might be causing this to not show back up after power cycle? It has always worked for me in the past on projects.

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I recently learnt of one case when this can happen;  a system with two MD4:s, where one of them has the Show messages property set to None

If the MD4 with Show messages set to None  has a smaller application and starts up faster than the MD4 that is showing the messages, you can have this situation, for messages from channels in the MD4 that starts first. 

This system has one MD4 and two MD3's. The two MD3's are set to None. Is this something that is going to be addressed on the next firmware release of design 5?

Not in 5.07. Version 5.07 is a small bug-fix version is coming out in a week or two. 

We are looking at how to improve synchronization of popup messages in systems with multiple displays, but this is work done for the 6.03 release. 


Solved in 6.03. 

In systems with multiple displays, the modules will now wait for all displays at startup before showing messages.