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Low VIN error even with "Alarm low = no"

Pierre Fagrell 4 years ago in IQANdesign updated 4 years ago 3

In IQAN 6.02 I get the VIN low error and VIN high error even if errors are disabled for an input. Please see the screenshot:

Image 1974

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Not a bug

There is a difference between Low error, and Low alarm

Low error is indicating the measured value is too far below the Min calibration point, indicating an electrical fault (or calibration problem). For example open circuit or no supply voltage to the sensor. 

Low alarm is from the threshold set in the application to warn when the signal is measured correctly, but the value is too low. E.g. low fuel level. 

I wrote a small knowledge base article to give a better explanation of the input statuses


Thankyou Gustav!

That is very helpful.