User Number Input MD4

Carl 4 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Jonas Bengtsson 4 years ago 1

Hi All,

Is there a nice simple way to have a button on the MD4 display that will pop up a number key pad asking the user to create of change a PIN that doesn't require them knowing the default? The idea is for our radio Bluetooth PIN code. The user just selects four number on the key pad, this is then sent out as a CAN message. We can display the current PIN via CAN in etc.

What you can do is to place an Integer Parameter in an Adjust Group. On a Display Page you can then add a Button and point the Action to the Integer Parameter. When you press the button you will come straight to the parameter adjust page and you can either press right and left to change value or press on the number to receive a keypad prompt. Its not elegant but will serve the purpose.

Remember to set the Min and Max limits of the parameter so its not possible to enter a number beyond the scope of you Bluetooth module.