Simulator 5.06 no shows software with mc43

claudio 4 years ago in IQANsimulate updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 4 years ago 1

how do for increase timer in software per ECU MC43 with simulator 5.06? Why the simulator 5.06 don't shows the software program with ECU MC43

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The application logic is hidden when you have a limited access pass on the project file, and use this limited access password when simulating. The functionality is the same as in IQANrun.

An easy way for you as a designer to see the logic is to use the full access password instead. 

You probably already have the limited access password stored in the password database of IQANsimulate. If you delete this, you will be promted about the password the next time you start the simulation. Then you can use the full access password.

For someone who shouldn't ave the full access password but still needs to see the application logic, the solution is to create a safe limited access password with view access.