Iqandesign with Windows 10 on Surface Pro 4

Michael Carlyle 8 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Anders Båth 7 years ago 7

Has anyone tried using Iqandesign with a Surface Pro and Windows 10? Do the drivers work for USB (MD3) and ethernet (wireless) for MD4. I travel quite a bit and would like to reduce the weight of my computer/charger.

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just tried IQANdesign 3.17 on a Surface Pro 3 with an MD3, works fine.

Also IQANdesign 4 with an MD4 over wireless, also no problems.

I have tested IqanDevelop and it works with windows 10 on the Surface 4 with an FTDI chip USB-serial adapter. Iqandesign 2.63,3.19 work with MD3 via USB. Iqandesign 3.19 is working with wireless ASUS WL-330NUL with MD4. However, ASUS WL-330NUL does NOT work as an Ethernet adapter with Windows 10 (it shows up briefly as a Serial adapter in device manager and then constantly disconnects-reconnects).


Can you confirm there is some issues with the ethernet communication and Windows 10 ? I have a lot of difficulties to connect, sometimes I just can't. 

It seems to work better with an ethernet - usb adapter. 


If you connect the ethernet cable directly to an MD4 windows can take around 1 minute until a point-to-point network is setup (auto-ip configuration). 

You need to watch the network icon in the lower corner - it will be looking for an internet connection when first connected ("identifying") and time out to an "Unidentified network".  Wait until it reaches the "Unidentified network" stage before trying to program.  Depending on your wireless card/network - you may need to switch off your wireless card for best results when using a wired connection.