Integer Parameter Initialization

Zach Dockter 4 years ago in IQANdesign updated 4 years ago 3

I have an integer parameter inside of my initialization group that drives the Source Address for my TSC1 channel.

That IP channel is supposed to change it's default value depending on the truck engine model (decided in an adjustable state).

The truck state is set to DD and the default value for the Engine SA IP channel SHOULD change to 231, but it is staying at 7.  I've reset power and I cannot make it come off of anything other than the default mode default value.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Image 2077

Can you show a screen clip like above, without the measure?  I wanted to see if you have your Engine SA parameter as adjustable.

My Iqan doesn't allow me to connect the IP inside an Initialization group to a SMC. How did you get around that?


I jumped the gun and asked for help before I used my brain.

The truck model parameter also needed to be inside of the initialization function group in order to make the Source Address IP change.  I have it working now.