Updating a firmware without rebooting

Leo Amar 4 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Edward Polzin 4 years ago 3


I am working with a MC43, that controls a relay (a DOUT LS) that maintains the 24V power supply to the MC43 (enabled by a timer relay before that).

If the MC43 shuts down, it can't be turned back on, without re-toggling (manually) the timer relay. This behavior is perfectly fine except for firmware updates. I can send a IQAN project remotely, but when the firmware update is finished the MC43 systematically reboots, then looses its 24V. Is there a configuration that prevent this behavior?


Probably the best way i can think of to handle this situation is to have a manual override switch for the relay that would be used to maintain power on the MC43 for programming purposes.

Yes, that's true but I wanted to know if it was something that the MC43 could handle natively.


Not that i know of.  Anytime there is a software (firmware or application) update, the module will reset after successfully sending it.  I am guessing when only a application update is sent, it probably progresses quick enough before the timing relay disables power.