trouble communicating with PACCAR MX11 J1939

Forrest 4 years ago in IQANdesign updated 4 years ago 5

I am having trouble communicating with a Peterbilt that has a PACCAR/DAF MX11 engine. I am using 4.07 software.
Is there any chance my communication problems might be on the IQAN side?


Is this for throttle? We had to make our own TSC1 JPOUT. They stated something with the IQAN TSC1 was 'incorrect'(works on everything else ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  )

I can send you a project export but I only have it in IQAN 5.03. Here is a screencap with the JPOUT and below with the information in it.

Override Control Mode 2 bits = 1

Speed Control Conditions 2 bits = 3

Control Purpose 5 bits = 2

Requested Speed 2 Bytes = Your Request

Transmission Rate 3 bits = 5

OCM Priority 2 bits = 3

Counter 4 bits = 15

Checksum 4bits = 15

Looks like the issue is that the Paccar truck requires the TSC1 to be sent with Control purpose set to PTO Governor.

The built-in TSC1 channel have these bits set to all ones, "temporary powertrain control" (the use the original TSC1).

It would probably be nice with another property to set control purpose on the built in TSC1 channel.

No. I am only trying to read. I passed it off to a Peterbilt tech and a Factory rep. If I ever find out what was going on, I'll update.

Best to read what's on the bus using IqanAnayze.  This will tell you if it's an Iqan problem or bus problem or engine computer not sending.


Finally got to talk to one of the Pete J1939 experts, and the answer will have a significant impact on several of us.

The truck in question has an optional module on J1939 address #39, you know, the default address that Iqan design picks.

I was also told the that the upcoming revision for this truck with have a module on source address #39 as standard.

I was told #07 and #33 would be safe, and was suggested I use #33.