MD4 Crash?

Kevin 4 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 4 years ago 3

Just loaded some software into a new build machine and got the following blue screen on the system.

Image 2093

Image 2094

The other modules (2 x MC3) are fine, all have OK status in IQAN Run, but the display boots for around 1 second then i get a blue screen, any ideas on what may be the issue and why?

How can i get it out of this blue screen loop as it crashes before i get a chance to reinstall software to see if thats the issue?


The issue appears to have rectified itself, i believe i switched the system off after the modules has updated but before the MD4 had completed it rebuild process after installing the latest firmware. This caused the display to crash when comms were established with the remaining modules. Reinstalled the application and fault gone.

The error could possibly be related to overcrowded CAN buses, with the MD4 failing to get its messages out. 

As it happened after a software update, I wonder if there are other modules on the Diagnostics bus? I am guessing here, but maybe some other module stacked up a lot of outgoing messages while the IQAN system was updating, and then when the IQAN-MD4 started up it it was way too busy on the buses..Hard to know.