Get all logs and settings at once

Michael Carlyle 4 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

Is there a way to get all the logs and settings from the machine at once?  Basically - We need a clone without all the operating systems.  It would make it much quicker to get and email.

If not can this be added to a future release for IQANgo and IQANrun?

You can do this with IQANrun for PC, by using a script prepared in IQANscript.

You need the project file to build the script. 

In IQANscript, add one get log record script action for each log in the system. You can include the PIN code for the log in the script. 

If viewing is protected by an access level, you can include a login script action in the beginning of the script. 

As this is done with a script, the solution requires the technician who runs the script to have a PC with IQANrun. 

The functionality for running scripts isn't included in the IQANgo app. 

Attached is an example script for this solution (based on the wheel loader example file).

Get logs and settings.issx


Ideally we are looking for something for field tech's to be able to pull all the logs and settings at once with little downtime to the customer.  IqanGo (or Bluetooth with IqanRun when available) would be the simplest way to get this as you do not have to connect physically and it can be done with the operator in the seat just getting close enough to the adapter.