DM1 logs

Todd F Reddick 4 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 5

Could a selection box be added for "Log value" underneath "Dialog priority"? the default would be "not logged" with the capability of selected a previously defined Event or Statistic log. You've already done the work to have a pop up message whenever a DM1 is active for any SPN. Log the item whenever the DM1 is >-1.

I believe if you drag and drop the SPN channel into a user defined (not the system log) event log, it will then add it to the log.  I would need to double check specific to the SPN channel, but i've used this for logging other events.

That's true and you can drag multiple at the same time. The tedious part is ACTIVATING them individually. Since Design already identifies when an SPN has a DM1 and pops a dialogue box up then perhaps it can trigger the log at the same time. Currently we create 100's of DM1's, define the dialogue priority an then drag them all into a log and then go to that log and define what activates the log.

Agreed and i see your point.  Perhaps at least having a default Activating object when it is dragged and dropped into the event log.


We've actually been working on a feature that is very similar to this idea, in version 6.03 there will be a new "DM1 log item" that can be added to an Event log. This will log DTC:s without having to define individual channels and log items for each SPN. 


DM1 logs implemented in 6.03.