Swapping MD4 Displays

Zach Dockter 4 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Kerry 4 years ago 1

Does anyone know how to "easily" change master displays in an application without having to rewrite the whole application? I wrote a program using an MD4-5 and one of my peers would like to see the same program in the larger MD4-7 display.


HI Zach, Here are the general steps:

1. Add the new master module. This will add the module to the system and add the application logic area for that module.

2. Drag the logic from the current modules application logic to the new masters application logic area.

3. Add the display pages to the new MD4.

4. Copy and paste the display information from the current MD4 over to the new MD4 display pages.

5. You will need to re assign I/O channels, properly connect CAN buses, etc to complete the switch.

(I recommend you "check project" with each step to make sure you clean up any errors that may be created along the way)