DSP 402

Ash 4 years ago in IQANdesign updated 4 years ago 9

Anyone here got any examples of implementation for DSP 402?

Currently trying to utilize this https://www.leadshineusa.com/UploadFile/Down/em556_can_m1.0.pdf

Or any other examples with addressed PDO's?

Using this with MC41's and MC43's with iqan MD4-10 as master. 

Creating a cartesian for VTOL refueling. 

3 axis with all NEMA 23's with encoders that are fed directly back to a MC41 (bidirectional counter). 

Must be something using COMPAX3 or CANOPEN inverters?

We have tried Parker in our local area to get support but are not getting any replies...

This kind of development is a bit difficult without having the device at hand. Perhaps there is some consultant in your country where you could send the DSP402 to get an example program?

We have asked Melbourne Hq multiple times without a reply. I remember going there years ago and they had their own inverters running DSP402 from an MD4-7. Also remember them having example files of this already implemented. 

Parker inverter: https://www.parker.com/Literature/Electromechanical%20Europe/User%20Guides/HA467800.pdf

Parker inverter: https://inverterdrive.com/file/Parker-SLVD-N-Manual

Parker DSP402 literature: https://www.parker.com/literature/Electromechanical%20Europe/User%20Guides/C3I21T11%20eng.pdf

I can setup the rest from there. Examples i currently do not have are dynamic PDO's. Im unfamiliar with them and cannot find any example. 

For all of our other industrial signals like 0-10v, 100khz, 4-20 in/out ( yes we are also using MC4x for 0-20ma aswell this) we have been using WAGO and Beckhoff modules. Which i learnt to hook up from an example parker PIO file. We would still use PIO but it is now obsolete and limited to IO functionality. On the cheaper/ not mission critical projects we use GCAN. So an example file went along way. Im not asking for anyone to do the work for me. Just a nudge in the right direction for the purpose of understanding.


Ash, I highly recommend reaching out to Reentech here in Sydney. 

Tim Reen has a deep understanding of IQAN, is a Parker distributor and build centre.




Hello Ash, we have been working to get some answers for you. I have been in contact with Parker here to see what example you may have sighted when you visited them. They say they have responded to you through Parker New Zealand.

Is there any news? Our local parker agent replied.

"Info available in IQANdesign software user manual and solution section."

So i have been over 5 different canopen stepper & servo drives now with two canopen inverters that all comply with DSP 402. I dont see why or how interfacing would be any different? Controlword 0x6040 (rest of OD is the same too), sdos and the state machine are all the same. Going further from concept and moving to all parker parts (compax drives) when production budget is approved is there any way to get support? Bit worried if i get a reply like earlier?