MD4-7 stuck with blue screen while programming

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I am using IQAN design 6.01 software. While programming I am getting blue screen on the display(hardware) and it is getting stuck there. Even though waiting for long time the error didn't go away. Could you please enlighten me with possible mistakes causing this issue and what needs to be done?

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I got a similar error report via one of our application engineers, I believe it is from the same application. He'll follow up on email with some more specific questions and troubleshooting ideas. 

I haven't seen this type of error in this situation before, but my initial reaction would be to look at what else there is on the CAN buses during the SW update.


Hi Gustav,

We have updated our IQAN Design software from version 6.01 to 6.02 and tried programming it via ethernet with no CAN node connected to it and it worked fine. This time we didn't find the error which we were getting previously. Thank you for the support.

Thanks, good to hear that temporarily removing the other CAN nodes helps in avoiding this problem. I wonder what those nodes were sending that caused problems. 

IQAN nodes like masters and expansions will stop all unnecessary traffic during SW update, so they wouldn't cause an issue. 

If the other nodes are CANopen nodes, stopping PDO:s with NMT stop command before SW update could perhaps be an alternative to switching them off. 

If the problem is instead related to traffic from J1939 nodes, I am thinking that the J1939 DM13 stop broadcast could perhaps be interesting. But even if the other J1939 nodes support this, it is a message that has to be sent at least every 5 s, and the IQAN master won't send any JFOUT:s during SW update (as its application is stopped). 

I have also noticed that updating a system with active CANopen traffic takes a very long time, even though the CANopen nodes are on a completely separate bus from the diagnostic bus. It seems like the MC43 somehow is busy listening to CANopen traffic on bus C and not interested in receiving the update on bus A from MD4.


Following up on this one. Several months ago, it was confirmed this MD4 bluescreen was related to incoming traffic, but the exact details on what messages there were on the bus is not known to me. 

In 6.05, we've solved a problem that could come due to specific J1939 traffic, the J1939 PDU1 messages (messages with a Destination Address). 

51548Incoming CAN traffic during SW update could cause crash
MD4 could bluescreen from too many incoming J1939 PDU1 messages. Fixed.

I think it is very plausible that this was the problem here.The problem solved in 6.05 was not actually MD4 specific, but it was only on that module we saw a crash.