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Polarion 'Connector' for IQAN - link SW requirements to project

mdaigneault 4 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 4 years ago 4

Hello IQAN Team -

We are using Siemens Polarion to do requirements tracking of our software (requirement, V&V, etc). One possibility is to have a 'connector' between the requirements and the SW modules, basically a link between the two softwares, which is an industry practice and a requirement for certain certifications. 

This allows to link certain textual software requirements to actual pieces of code.

Is this a request that you have had before? Do you know of any connectors between IQAN and Polarion ?

Thank you -

Marc Daigneault

Under review

We've had some requests for linking software safety requirements directly to channels in the project file.

I don't recall any request that was specifically for Polarion, but the more general ability to link requirements. 


Hello Gustav, To your point above for Marc what us general ability to link to requirements? Can we capitalize on the same and pipieline the same to Polarion?

Hi Gustav, 

is there a way to export IQAN data in a excel sheet so most REQM tools in the market would be able to import them ?


You can save the IQANdesign project as text (mainly for diff viewing), and the project documentation as html, but there is no function for exporting to any excel format. Are you looking at tagging some text from comment boxes and export that?