Possibility to automate test sequence in IQAN simulate using scripts

Manoj 4 years ago in IQANsimulate updated by Edward Polzin 4 years ago 1

Hi Edward,

Is there any way to develop a script to automate test sequence in IQAN simulate?

I read that IQAN script tool can be used with IQAN Run to execute sequence of actions in IQAN Run but at present we don't have target hardware hence we need to test logic using IQAN simulate.

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Have you looked at the IQAN simulate help contents, specifically the external control section?  It is possible to use excel and may do what you would like.  There is an example excel file installed with IQAN simulate in your my documents directory, IQAN files area.  Please check that out and see if that will do what you need.