Momentary Input for MC Modules

Joe 4 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Pierre Fagrell 4 years ago 6

It would be nice to have the ability to add momentary input for MC module applications that could be accessed through IQAN Run. The goal would be to have a way to initiate service routines when a display module is not present.

Allowing VDINs or adding a reset to digital parameters would do the trick.

You can implement this with a digital parameter and memorizing channel.  Please see attached example.

Momentary Trigger.idax

That's a good work around. I have never used a mem channel in an adjust group. I simplified it a little and took out the timer.

Momentary Trigger.idax

That looks like a good implementation as well.  Thanks for sharing.

I traditionally have a running Timer in my application to eliminate the need for multiple timers.  In a typical application, there are many uses for them, but timers are an expensive resource.

If you want to save memory you can also just put the digital parameter named "Toggle True to run function X" in an adjust group and put PositiveFlank(parameter) in your internal digital channel.

It does not matter if the technician forgets to set the parameter to false afterwards.

In your case, if left true, wouldnt the function run again when the system is power cycled?

It would also be good to note that we dont need a digital parameter channel for every instance of this type of function.  The digital parameter channel is only used as a "template" for the memorizing channel, and therefore can be used with multiple memorizing channels if needed.

No, since you have PositiveFlank, the digital channel needs to see both False and True before it triggers. The parameter channel will never be False if you have set it to True.