Check Project doesn't display

mgoutier 4 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 4

I am running into a weird bug with design 6.02, where if I try to execute a check project, nothing happens. If I do it in 5.07 it works as designed. 

I have tried all of the things I could to try to figure out if it was my system, but all information seems to indicate this is a bug. 

IQAN Design

Windows 10 Enterprise

     Version 10.0.17763

     OS Build 17763.1282

     64 bit

I am more than happy to share any other information needed to get this resolved. I am at the tail end of a big project, and not being able to run this is going to hurt. 



Satisfaction mark by mgoutier 3 years ago

Could it be something as simple as the dialog box positioned on an extended screen? 

If you change to work on just one screen, IQANdesign should move the dialogs back into the visible desktop area. 


I run 4 monitors and I have run into issues with IQAN where I have to disconnect monitors and things are then visible, so I naturally thought this might be the problem. When I tested this, there still wasn't any window. I also hit ALT TAB and I didn't see the window so I figured it must not be there. (turns out this is normal operation)

After reading your post I figured I would reset my laptop without any monitors and it now displayed. I hooked the monitors back up and it still works. I now have a workaround, but it still feels like a bug. At least if anyone else is reading this they might have a workaround to get it to work again.