CAN Routing Question

Marcel 4 years ago in IQANdesign updated 4 years ago 2

Hello, I'm trying to use the CAN Routing in a J1939 application with an MC43. I made a J1939 rule with default action 'Allow'. Now I want to block only the message 1CECFF00. It seems not to work as I expected. I added an exception rule with PGN number 60671. With my CANalyzer, I see the message appear where I don't expect it after this...

Am I doing something wrong?

Image 2228

The identifier 1CECFF00 indicates that this is a message in the PDU1 range, a message that includes destination address. 

(although in this case, the destination is set to 0xFF, which is the group address)

The PGN number is actually 0xEC00  (60416 in decimal format)

Makes good sense to block this with routing rules, PGN 60416 is the message for transport protocol connection management. 

Ok, thank you for your reply. 

In the meantime I changed my Project to Generic CAN. And that seems to work also. Now I want to filter on the content of this transport protocol message. To be continued...