Limiting Output Using angle sensor

Ryan Bland 4 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 4 years ago 2

I would like to limit a Tilt function using a angle sensor , In other words limit the Cylinder Stroke not to bottom out on both ends 

0-5 % on the Angle Sensor = 0% Output

5-10% on the Angle Sensor = 75 % Output

10% -90 % on the Angle Sensor = 100 % Output 

90%-95 on the Angle Sensor = 75% Output 

95%-100% on the Angle Sensor = 0 % Output 

Effectively the stroke will be from 5%-95% Angle Sensor 

How would the Maths Look ?


Hi Ryan,

You could try a limiting vector like this:
Var_1:=Vector(Tilt Sum,(0,0),(10,100),(95,100)(100,0))

Use this vector output to limit your tilt valve.



Not sure if you already sorted it out? 

For this function, I'd choose Object list over Qcode and place the multi-vector in limiting, but the basic functionality is the same as Nick suggeted. There is an introduction to limiting objects here: