Invalid PGN Identifier

Zach Dockter 4 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Edward Polzin 4 years ago 1

My IQAN program is trying to read engine lamps from an engine.  The engine manual specifically states to use PGN 65226, however my program says that 65226 and 65227 are invalid identifiers....

Any ideas on how to make this error go away?

Image 2337

Image 2336


That PGN is the DM1 message, which is supported in a different, more convenient method.  If you want to read the DM1 lamp status, you can use a Module Diagnostics channel assigned to the J1939 device.  Then set the value property to the lamp of interest.

To read the acutal SPN / FMI values from the DM1 message, you should add a DM1 in channel and related SPN in channels for those you are interested in reading.  If you have a large list, it might be convenient to put the list in excel format and import into your project by right clicking on the DM1 in channel and importing.  Hope this helps.