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Dyamic range for Gauge and Bar control

John Wambold 8 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 4 years ago 5

There are many applications that require a variation in units. Currently if I want to display a pressure gauge, I would need to create a PSI pressure gauge, and a BAR pressure gauge. Then control the visibility properties of the gauge to display the desired gauge.

It would be helpful to tie an integer parameter to the "Min value" and "Max value" of the gauge control or bar control. By doing this it would also be necessary to change the "Tick count" value with an integer parameter. This way the programmer would only need to make one gauge and control the properties inside the "Display application" as opposed to multiple gauges.

Would like to see this for gauges in Script 4 as well. Would be useful if all numerical inputs could be based on an integer parameter/variable, including the angles, values, and sections.

In a monitoring system were users determine the acceptable range. Adding this capability would make the gauge feature useful to me.

I am working on an application that requires a dynamic gage.  There is an adjustable temperature that has a color coded temperature range.  When the temperature is changed, the color coding does not match the range.  I now have to create a separate gauge for each temperature selection and show and hide appropriately.  It would be very nice to have adjustable min/max values in the gauge.

I was just looking there was a solution to this problem, but apparently there is not yet. Right now I have to use a state parameter to choose which graph I use, based on which range I need. This seems like an easy win?

I did think of a different solution for this, it isn't exactly what I want but it works more or less. I made the graphs all 0-100, and I made a vector scale all of my inputs to fit in that range. It's not perfect, but better than the other way I described above. 

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